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karate club or association...

...from people who understand your needs.

Katasure is an insurance policy tailored to meet the exact needs of all types and sizes of karate clubs and associations.

(When we say, ‘karate’ clubs and associations, we include Kung-Fu, Korean Fighting Systems and over thirty other variations. Visit our Disciplines List to find what we cover.)

The policy has been designed by insurance professionals who also happen to have years of direct experience within the karate sector as participants, officials and administrators.

We are people who understand the usual risks that all clubs encounter but who also have detailed knowledge about the day-to-day risks associated with bringing together club members with differing skills and abilities to participate with enthusiasm in a vigorous and dynamic sport.

Cover from Training to Tournaments

Katasure policies cover the whole range of circumstances encountered by clubs and associations, including the wellbeing of everyone involved in instruction, training and practice sessions, competitive bouts, two competitions or tournaments a year (covering up to 2,000 spectators and participants at each tournament) *.

Employers’ Liability is added automatically, including instructors, volunteers, employees and unpaid helpers.

This website makes it simple and straightforward to arrange cover with the minimum of delay and fuss. Complete the information about your club or association under the ‘Get a Quote’ section and we’ll get the ball rolling at once or alternatively contact us on 0845 450 5020 for a quotation

*(For full details of cover provided, please examine terms and conditions of the policy, which is managed by established broker, Ault Insurance, and underwritten by Ageas Insurance Limited, one of the UK’s largest and most respected casualty and property insurance companies)


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