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Katasure policies are backed by organisations that have been providing comprehensive insurance cover for many years. The Katasure difference is that our two great passions are karate and insurance.
We have developed our policies in partnership with karate associations and clubs, to provide you with some of the widest ranging protection on the market at a really competitive price.  And we do it with unsurpassed personal service.

Our knowledge and experience of this sector means we are able to provide bespoke insurance tailored to individual clubs’ needs, irrespective of size.

Why *Katasure?

Here are five good reasons why karate clubs should insure with Katasure:

  • We tailor cover to meet your needs, so you don’t end up paying for expensive cover you don’t need
  • We know every club and association is different  – we don’t sell ‘off-the-peg’ packages
  • We understand the serious impact that injuries or other claims could have on your club
  • We share your passion and appreciate the effort involved in running a karate club or association
  • Katasure takes away the worry and lets you get on with doing what you do best

Katasure was established by Vince Parker, who is very well-known in national and international karate circles for his commitment to the sport. 

Vince Parker’s life in Karate.

Vince began Karate training forty-two years ago and achieved Black Belt 1st Dan status some seven years later, opening his own Karate school shortly thereafter, in 1981.

He went on to reach Black belt 2nd Dan after another eight years’ training and 3rd Dan in 1994.  This progress corresponded with a growing interest in refereeing.


In 1997, Vince joined Aiwakai Karate Do federation under the watchful eye of 7th Dan Kuniaki Sakagami, who invited him to referee at the European Wado Kai Championships in Paris later the same year.

Vince achieved 4th Dan in 1999 and also refereed at the World Wado Kai Championships in Tokyo and was also selected to oversee one of the women’s senior Kumite finals.

Two years later, he was granted Karate Kumite Judge B status at the European Karate Federation Senior Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Black Belt 5th Dan, 2003

Further international refereeing duties followed;

  • 2002 - World Wado Kai Cup. Moscow. 
  • 2003 - Karate Kumite Judge A. Bremen.
  • 2005 - Karate Kumite Referee B. Tenerife,
  • 2006 - Karate Kumite Referee A. Stavanger.
  • 2007 - Karate Kata Judge B. Bratislava.
  • 2008 - Karate Kata Judge A. (Full Karate Referee Status). Slovenia.
  • 2009 - 1st Kumite final at the European Karate Championships. (Latvia -v - Russia male junior under 61kg) Paris.

Long service

Vince received the Bronze long-service award for 10 years refereeing at International level in 2012 and became involved in the establishment of the Referee Commission for The English Karate Federation

  • August 2015 he officiated in over 10 finals at the World Wado Kai Championships. Nagoya, Japan.

Vince says,

“It makes a lot of sense to get your club or association insurance from a supplier who really understands the idiosyncrasies of karate. ‘Broad-brush’ policies designed for other types of sports clubs are likely to offer less relevant cover and be more expensive.

“Katasure take into account how many members a club has, the levels they compete at and the kind of premises the club operates from.

“Cover can extend to individual named instructors, members and others engaged in karate at the club (and elsewhere) plus visitors, bystanders and others who spend time there.

“The beauty of having a Katasure policy in place is that you’re free to enjoy your sport, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got virtually every eventuality covered.

“One quick call - or a few clicks - and you’re in business.

“You can trust Katasure with complete confidence

Vince Parker

*Katasure is the name of a specialist insurance policy that is provided by Ageas Insurance Limited. Ault is an insurance broker that will arrange your Katasure policy for you and take care of any queries you may have.


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