Disciplines List

Here at Katasure we cover a wide range of Karate, Kung Fu and other martial arts disciplines, including:

KarateKung FuKoreanOthers
Wado Ryu Wing Chun Ta Kwon Do Brazilian Capoeira
Wado Kai Jeet Kune Do Hap Ki Do French Savate
Shotokan Wu Shu Sul Ki Do Tai Chi
Shoto Kai Hung Ga Han Mu Do  Boxercise
Shukokai Praying Mantis Tang Soo Do  
Goju Ryu   Hwa Rang Do  
Goju Kai      
Shito Ryu      
Shito Kai      
Shorin Ryu      
Uechi Ryu      
Ryuei Ryu      
Shorei Ryu      
Sport Karate      
Other derivatives of all these fighting styles and systems may be acceptable. Please contact us for more information



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