How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Karate Club

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Karate Club

by Mar 06, 2017


Twitter is all about fast moving, short, snappy messages and getting your information across as succinctly as possible. It’s also the platform of choice for discussing the latest news and current events and is a great place to have conversations with your customers and watch what’s happening in the world of karate.

The good news is, you don’t need a personal Twitter account to set up one for your business. Simply go through the account set-up process as normal from to get started.

Building a following

Much like Facebook, your first steps on Twitter will be to start posting updates and building up an initial band of followers. Important updates on your lessons should be saved for Facebook owing to the fast-moving nature of Twitter, but tips and pictures will be perfect.

It is also much easier to jump into conversations on Twitter, and you should never be afraid to do this if you spot a discussion you feel you could add value to. And remember: ask the people currently attending your club to follow your account

Following others

One of the great features of Twitter is how easy it is to follow other people and receive updates from them. Upon logging in, your default view will be the stream of updates posted by the accounts you have chosen to follow. This gives you the opportunity to jump in on conversations, share posts you think your followers would be interested in and keep up-to-date with what people are talking about.

It is therefore recommended that you take some time to follow accounts after you have set your account up. Following other karate clubs, popular industry figures and industry organisations will make it much simpler to keep up with the latest news in the word of karate and could also provide you with some great tips for improving your own lessons.

Post regularly

The most important thing to remember on Twitter is to post regularly. The average tweet has a life-cycle of 20 minutes, and this can decrease depending on how many pages the people following you also follow. Sending out multiple tweets a day will help to keep you at the top of the mind for people using Twitter and maximise you chance of being seen.

Although re-using your tweets might initially sound a bit lazy, it’s something you should never be afraid of doing. If you post something on Monday morning that performs better than your usual posts, try posting it again on Wednesday evening – you’ll hit a whole different portion of your audience and help to spread the word even further.

Use hashtags

Now used across every social media platform, hashtags are Twitter’s most famous export, with good hashtag use being a central part of the platform. Hashtags are used to mark the topic of your tweet, enabling people interested in that topic to search for them and easily discover new content (#karate, for example).

We’d recommend always including a relevant hashtag on your post and looking at what hashtags other karate clubs are using for inspiration, this will maximise your chance of being discovered on Twitter and let you know what hashtags are commonly used and thus searched for.

Local hashtags will also help you reach audiences in your local area.

Twitter is a different beast to Facebook, and the case may be that you prefer promoting on one platform to another, but investing just a small amount of time into marketing your karate or martial arts club on Twitter can reap large rewards, and help you make useful connections.


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