The Ultimate Guide to Karate Online

The Ultimate Guide to Karate Online

by Katasure May 05, 2017


Finding karate resources online can be a bit of a minefield, with hundreds of websites to choose from it can be incredibly difficult to find the site which is right for you and provides the most accurate news and best advice.

With that in mind, we thought to put together this resource, which features four great places to start reading about karate online. Whether it’s news, tips, or a place to talk you’re looking for, these websites have got you covered.

What are the best karate blogs?

The World Karate Federation -

This one might be a bit obvious, but the official World Karate Federation website is still a fantastic resource for everything karate.

Featuring all of the latest news, tournament updates and regular interviews with some greats of the karate world, the World Karate Federation website has everything you need to keep up-to-date with the world of karate. Alongside this, the WKF also has a fantastic live video option at Karate World TV, which lets you watch every major karate tournament live as well as go back to relive older tournaments for just £50 a season.

Karate by Jesse

Karate by Jesse, which is written by Jesse Enkamp, is one of the most popular karate blogs around, and it’s easy to see why. Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Jesse’s parents were karate teachers, which naturally meant that he and his brother grew up in the dojo and started practising karate from a very young age.

As he’s grown up, Jesse has spent time in Okinawa exploring the roots of karate, competed in major international tournaments and travelled the world teaching students karate, amongst other endeavours.

In between all this, Jesse has also found time to keep a massively popular karate blog running, which covers everything from the roots of karate and tips on improving your skills to how you should wash your gi to keep it in great condition. Everything is written in his customary light-hearted, fun way which makes even topics you’d typically find dull an entertaining read.

The Practical Application of Karate

Now for something a little different: a podcast. This monthly podcast has been running since 2006 and is hosted by Iain Abernethy, black belt 6th Dan, writer for many of the UK’s leading martial arts magazines, and member of the Combat Hall of Fame.

Iain is a big proponent of traditional, pragmatic karate and focuses on stripping it down to the practical applications of kata in self-defence situations. Alongside discussion around this, The Practical Application of Karate also covers the overall key concepts and issues in modern martial arts training and has some fantastic guests appearing occasionally.

Alongside this, Iain’s website also includes a forum, which is a great place to spend some time chatting with fellow martial arts and karate-lovers.

Karate Culture

Karate Culture is a video-focused blog hosted by Aaron Emilio Garcia and Michael Nguyen, two karate black belts with contrasting styles who preach the need for people to constantly practice and evolve their karate skills.

The Karate Culture videos cover a broad spectrum of the important aspects of good karate, teaching both techniques and exercised which will help to improve your karate ability. Everything they cover is taught in a practical, easy to understand way, meaning you’ll always learn something new when you watch their videos.

Although there are plenty of online karate resources that we have missed out in this blog, these four will provide you with hours of learning and entertainment, and you’re sure to discover more great resources through these. Karate is a close-knit community, after all.


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